Photo by Layna Miyazaki


world-building as practice

moving. making. thinking. My work stems from a curiosity and urgency towards the self and the world around. I make to reflect and understand - my works become a litmus paper test of self-understanding for myself, my collaborators, my audience. 

Although primarily trained in performance and movement, my creative endeavours have expanded to involve different mediums of making, letting the fleshy physical bleed into less embodied forms. 

I am interested in one's sense of self - how we sift, develop, establish and shift amidst the flurry of the world. From this emerges our constant tango with time, the slippery flesh of our political bodies, the permeability of skin.

I graduated with from Falmouth University with a 1st class Ba(Hons) in Dance and Choreography (2020), and I am grateful for the rich 3 years I spent there that nudged and nurtured the creative saplings in me. Dabbling in writing, film, motion capture/movement technology alongside choreography, performance, technical production etc. has greatly widened the horizons of my artistic practice; I am emboldened and eager to keep making, as a sense-making and building of our world.